Rättigheter online & tillägg 138


Europaparliamentet röstade att inte ta bort skydden för medborgares rättigheter online genom att behålla tillägg 138.

Once again, the European Parliament has demonstrated it can resist pressure and stand for the rights and freedoms of citizens. Amendment 138 (now renumbered amendment 46) was adopted today in ITRE committe, in Strasbourg.

Amendement 138/46-135 states that restrictions to the fundamental rights and freedoms of Internet users can only be put in place after a decision by judicial authorities (save when public security is threatened in which case the ruling may be subsequent). It was adopted last September by an overwhelming majority of the European Parliament, and approved by the European Commission despite explicit requests from the French Presidency to reject it. The European Council has rejected it further to pressure of the French government and some disinformation by in-house Council lawyers on its claimed contradiction with existing National law.

Mer på La Quadrature du Net

Hans Rosén skriver om omröstningen och dess effekter i DN. Den 5 maj omröstas det om hela paketet och förslaget med Citizens’ Rights Amendments (del 1, del 2, del 3).


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